About the terrible coronavirus, our hunman beings will beat you as soon as possible

This is Amy, from Shenzhen, China. My job is to buy better products and better services for friends from all over the world. Our main market is North America, Asia, Europe. However, since February 1, 2020, we have been deeply affected by coronavirus in China and have not been able to work normally for a month, especially in Wuhan, China, At the same time, we noticed that other countries around the world, including South Korea, Japan, the United States and Italy, have been affected by the terrible virus, and the number of confirmed cases has increased gradually. We are all human beings, and feel sad for such things. But first of all, we must be strong, protect ourselves and our relatives and friends, and China's Anti Japanese War disease to date We firmly believe that China will completely defeat this battle by the end of April.


In China, all people must wear masks to go out. Masks can be used for the following purposes


  1. Isolate Germs: the most important purpose of wearing masks is to isolate germs


  1. Protect others: in fact, we not only protect ourselves, but also protect the people around us when we are uncomfortable



So masks can protect the growing demand. We now have enough disposable medical masks in China. First of all, welcome to join our group, thank you for your trust. Second, the following are the common questions after the group came in. Please read the announcement first, thank you.

 Pls note:It's not the purpose to buy masks together. It's the purpose to fight against viruses and live healthily.

 Common questions are as follows

 1: Is the supply of masks reliable

 A: 100% guarantee

 2: When can I deliver the goods

 A: After the order is placed, the goods will be delivered from China in the next day using the logistics selected by the buyer. Generally, the goods can be received in 7-10 working days

 3: Will there be a refund if the goods are not delivered

 A: We guarantee that if there is any problem with the order in transit, we will give a reasonable solution, refund or return

 4: Which countries can be sent at present

 A: The countries that can now be shipped are South Korea, Japan, the United States, parts of Italy, Vietnam


5: Which regions in Italy can't be delivered, as follows

 A: Lombardia: 26814, 26821, 26822, 26826, 26827, 26841, 26842, 26844, 26845, 26846, 26848, 26849, 26856, 26861, 26862, 26864, 26865, 26867; Bertoni: 26821, 26822; castillone dada: 26823, 26826; tranova de paserini: 26827, 26828, 26841, 26842, 26843; Castillo: 26844; cordono: 26845, 26846; malio: 26847; San fioranio: 26848, 26849, 26856; phoenico: 26861, 26862, 26863, 26864, 26865; Somalia: 26867.




Best Wish to you